Get your shimmer glow on

Get your shimmer glow on

A little bit of body glitter never heard anybody especially during the summer months. There is something about bare skin and golden shimmer that looks sexy and slightly bit provocative. Who doesn’t want to look and feel like that? Shimmer body oils are great way to add a bit of golden sheen to your bare skin. There are many options when in comes to types of body oils and shades of shimmers but here are a few that really make it worth a purchase.

One reoccurring trouble with shimmer body oils is that they often are overly oily.Some brands just sit on top of the skin giving lots of shine and almost greasy type of look.Dry oils is my much prefered formula simply because they tend to absorbed far more quickly, leaving no oily film residue or ruining my clothes with greasy streaks that are hard to wash.

The Body Shop Honey Bornzer Dry Oil review

Golden bronze body oil summer

Klorane Polysianes Dry Oil is probably my first shimmer body oil that I have ever purchased and the reason I fell in love with this type of products. It certainly deserves a mention considering the astonishing amount of gold glitter that is left on the skin after a single application. It absorbs quickly and that golden sheen is really long lasting even a hot summer night.

Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil is a great more high end option that smells devine (scent is a mix of of zesty mandarin and grapefruit combined with settle hints of tonka bean and ylang ylang). It comes in a glass bottle that is not very travel triedly but when i thnk about it the packaging is not different than any other body oil. It has settle shimmery golden particles that seamlessly mesh into the skin, leaving settle hint of golden glow.This is dry body oil that sinks into the skin almost instantly wich is probably the sole reason of spending a bit extra on this product.

The Body Shop Honey Bornzer Dry Oil is a great cheeper alternative. Although the color of this dry oil might seems to you a bit dark, trust believe me it is really not. This color really enhanses even the slight hints of tan on light and medium skin tones. It has a very nice fragrance that lingers for a bit.