Getting to know Oskia London

Getting to know Oskia London

There are so many English brands that claim the top charts of beauty products. Oskia London is well prized in the beauty community so I decided to see what the fuss is all about. Oskia London Secret Weekend Discovery Collection looked like an appropriate way to begin our acquaintance. This set consist of three products of 15ml each – Perfect Cleanser, Renaissance Mask and Bedtime Beauty Boost. Describes as here products designed to fulfill my skincare needs I was excited to try and see for myself.

Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost,Oskia Perfect Cleanser,Oskia Renaissance Mask review

Oskia Perfect Cleanser is a tick but smooth cleansing balm. When in contact with water the balm turns milky and then melts into oily consistency. This cleanser does not strike me more much different than any of the other premium brand’s cleansing balms. It removes well face makeup, but I could not dare trying to remove my mascara. There is a clear instruction keep away from eyes, meaning I still need to use a second product to remove my eye makeup. Not many brands of cleaning products manage not to stain eyes. For the price of it I kind of expected a bit more from this cleanser.

Oskia Renaissance Mask is very different than what I expected. Only when I opened the little glass jar I realized that the consistency is quite tick almost balm like. The mask has a nice scent and coral color that translates as transparent on the skin. As per instructed I massaged the tick consistency into my cleansed face. It did not took long before it turned milky and then sunk into my skin. It felt a bit tacky on the skin but personally it did not bother me that much. After about 15minutes I washed it off and examined the difference.

Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost is probably the product that really stole the show. It has the appropriate tick consistency for a night cream that is easily absorbed by the skin. I used this product a two- three nights in a row before I could see real improvements. In the morning my skin was plump and radiant. Redness was kept at bay and improved each time I used the Bedtime Beauty Boost. Key to success here is consistency. After about a week and a half I was totally hooked and today I seriously consider purchasing the full size product. That said the 15ml that came with this kit lasted quite a long time.

From the three products Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost was the one worth second look. It really did the job well. It helped me even my skin tone and improve skin condition. Definitely worth a look.