Gold coppery browns

Gold coppery browns

When travelling I love exploring new makeup brand especially when they are budget friendly. On couple of different trips I visited Yves Rocher stores and was pleasantly surprised by the affordable range of skincare, body care and makeup. The brand turn out to be also available in UK but mostly online. Their makeup range is quite elaborative and there are truly some great steals especially in the eye shadow department.

I picked up two eye shadow colors from their Intense Color range. First a few words about the packaging – it is compact sleek and lightweight which is all we can hope for. 11 Cuivre is a great quality coppery gold color with satin finish. 12 Brun Cannelle is a beautiful dark coppery brown that is just a few shades darker then Cuivre and really compliments it well.

Yves Rocher Intense Color swatches

Both eye shadows are super pigmented and have amazing lasting power, even on my super greasy eyelids. The pigmentation so great that you really need one brush swipe to pack on that gorgeous colors. Both shades look equally stunning on their own or simply blended together into a gold smoky look. I found that the best tone eye shadow for brown eyes is gold and brown because they enhance my eye color and makes it pop.

Yves Rocher Intense Color 12 brun cannelle 11 cuivre swatches

Yves Rocher Intense Color eye shadow for brown eyes

Yves Rocher Intense Color single eye shadows cost about £9,99, but there are pretty much always on offer so you can get them for cheaper. I think my next purchase will be some of their pigments simply because they look very very intriguing. Quality of eye shows is truly outstanding for the price so Yves Rocher is definitely worth at least a quick browse.