Guide to glittery nail polishes – Ciate Christmas Edition

Guide to glittery nail polishes – Ciate Christmas Edition

Hereby i present to you Ciate Christmas edition err 2013?! This time of the year my overwhelming attraction to any sparkling object out there is just unbearable. But what a settled way to introduce a bit of sparkle in your life than a glittery nail polish. Inexpensive, instant and with big impact! There are a couple of different types of glittery nail polishes, depending on coverage and size of glitter. Ciate Christmas set is a perfect exhibit including all different variations.The set includes of six mini nail polishes in a few very wearable sparkling shades – gold, pink, turcoase, lilac, mint green and a mix of various blue, purple and silver particles. Recently i checked the Ciate counter and it turn out that some of the shades are also part of their permanent collection.

Ciate Christmas

When i look at bottles of glittery nail polishes they all look the same. But often the glittery particles tend to not distribute evenly and look a bit scattered on the nails. If you are looking for adding sparkling accents to your base color this is great. For more full on look you probably have to spend a bit more time layering the glitter until achieving full coverage. Even so i would recommend using a neutral base color underneath to make things look a bit more complete. This Ciate set covers all four types of glittery polishes i know. So lets get into it.

Ciate golden glitter

Ciate glittery nail polish

Type one contains your typical mid size glitter that requires 2-3 layers to achieve full coverage. Both gold and turcoase blue shade have this type of glitter consistency. Type two is glittery particles combined with the same shade of base color. This type is far more convenient and quicker. This pink shade is a perfect example of type two. For comparison the lilac shade have the same big glittery particles but mixed up with transparent base coat .This type three is perfect for adding a bit of accent glitter to your regular nail polish of choice. Just as a side note out of this Christmas mini’s bunch the blue/purple/silver mix of glitters translates as the most covering after one coat on the nails. Type four is probably the most fuss free – very finely graded metallic particles mixed with base color. The metallic mint green color included to this set is probably the most polished looking and easy to apply nail polish of them all. Metallics are my personal favorites just because of that great luminous sparkle look.As added bonus they are much easier to remove than your average glittery nail polish.