Happy New Year and blogger goals for 2016

Happy New Year and blogger goals for 2016

We all have some sort of  plan for the future where we want to be in life by the age of (insert age). At the beginning of each new year, I  start making lists and five bullet point goals, while promising myself to achieve it all the upcoming 3, 6 ,9 or 12 months’ time. A long time ago I figured that life does not really work that way and things get in the way. Priorities change! Regardless of the consequences I only promise myself one thing – to try really hard to achieve every single goal I set! Even if I failed I need to know that i tried my hardest and that’s all it counts. Only then despite the results I can rest and feel somewhat fulfilled despite the outcome of my efforts. This year I set up a few new blogger goals that I’d like to share and hopefully be held accountable for. 

It’s hard to be hard on yourself but when you let go chances are that you will become a drifter. I was a drifter myself for a good while and felt very unsatisfied and frustrated with life. Finding the balance between pushing yourself hard enough to achieve things and letting go of other it takes lots of practice. This is probably the most important lesson I learned in 2015. Another life lesson was to go of friends that we were drifting too far apart, cleaned out my wardrobe and basically de-cluttered my life of negative things that I didn’t even realize that were making me unhappy. You have no idea how much room I was left with!

In 2016 I’m planning to fill this empty space with new things, focus on improving myself, free up some time and finally go after the things I always really wanted. To begin my journey I bought myself an agenda, to schedule and organize my appointments and decided to try and experince the power of visualizing my goals. I created a mood board filled with places I wanted to visit, body figure I wanted to achieve, the type of home I wanted to live in and the successful career I wanted to have. In this exercise, I let myself dream big and basically have anything I could possibly imagine. Realistically  I do not expect to achieve all in just one calendar year but one this is for certain –  I’m going to start working towards having all.

Since blogging has become a constant part of my life I also managed to set few blogger goals:

  • Introduce few new segments life lifestyle and fashion.
  • Post on Instagram daily
  • Start to Snapchat more regularly
  • Maybe even start a YouTube channel…

These are my methods and goals for 2016 what are yours? Let me know in the comments below.