Home office inspiration

Home office inspiration

There are so many great decoration ideas floating around the internet. Sadly more than half of this carefully engineered images are very unobtainable with your and mine current furniture set up, room space, current color scheme etc. After hours spent carefully curating and studding images of perfectly arranged furniture here are my practical tips on how to transform your home office work space.

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  • Floors – it is very rare that regular apartments will come with white or very light floors. If you are fortunate enough to have some variation of light or gray carpet it can work in favor. Wooden oak floors normally go well with solid furniture in dark mahogany mixed up with accents of silver or gold. To keep things minimal and chic and also because of the strong contrast of furniture colors its best to limit the splash of color. Stick to black and white theme with small accents of color such as green, beige, brown and darker shades of red. If your floors come in a dark color go for few shades lighter color wooden desk or furniture in white or gray to bring more lightness into the room.
  • Desk – depending on your needs you can convert a narrow dining table into a desk and purchase seperate drawers or shelves. For more rustic look get separate or even a trolley to stock your desk essentials.
  • Decoration – keep your desk organized, to the best of your ability and assign space of each article you mean on keep around. Inspirational quotes are will make your space more instagramable but if you are not a fan of it small paintings from street artist, magazine prints, covers or cut outs and small plants can make affordable desk decorations.

Pictures from Pinterest, Sfgirlbybay, Dustjacket-attic, Ultralinx