Hot Fall nail colours

Hot Fall nail colours

Fall season has officially started marking a monumental switch to red wines and dark chocolate. In desperate attempt to ease off the calorie count up until Christmas, hence the dark chocolate, I made a few other “significant” changes when it came to my nails. Recently obsessed with nail colours like burgundy and maroon shades, variation of deep blood red, dark plum, chocolate and chestnut browns, got me inspired to feature small selection of fall-trendy nail polishes.

If I have to choose one nail polish to wear for the rest of my life it will surely be Essie Bahama Mama. It just fits any occasion, season or holiday. I would describe the color as deep fuchsia color, something like dark pink with hints of purple. It stands out but in a very settle and sophisticated way. It is perfect for fall but you can still get away with it around the December festivities. If you only buy one nail polish this month let it be Essie Bahama Mama. Going into the more plum side of things, I picked up Essie Damsel in a Dress. This is a beautiful dark violate color that comes with silver micro-shimmer type of finish. On the nails the shimmering particles give extra bit of iridescence and dimension of the color. This is a great way to introduce a bit more dark purple shades during fall/winter.

Essie Bahama Mama swatches Essie Damsel in a Dress

If you like to stick to the classics Ciate Dangerous Affair is the perfect deep red color for you. It is just two shades darker than the classic tomato red shades. It has slight brown undertones which makes it a great way to incorporate two trends into one- chocolate browns and blood reds.Ciate Mines a Mocha definitely covers more brown works. The color is so unique that can really make bold but settle statement. Chocolate brown tones are paired up with gold pearlescent finish that really brings the color to life. This shade is definitely for more daring gals but still is universal enough to go well with any casual or more dressed up outfit.

Ciate Dangerous Affair swatches Ciate Mines a Mocha

Hope you enjoyed this year’s revamped version of my previous blog post on transitional nails, also including four star buys that venture more into nude territories. Ciate nail polishes retail for £9 and Essie nail polishes are £7.99 .