How do nail wraps really work? Advice on what to avoid

How do nail wraps really work? Advice on what to avoid

There are many products that are marketed as something new but in reality they are just another gimmick. Nail wraps are doomed to fall into this category despite their general great appeal and promising ease of use. But how do nail wraps work and do they? Initially the idea of making five minute nail art designs and simplified at-home manicures sounds great. Only when you try to apply this magical sticky tape of color onto your nails, the reality of the situation kicks in and you realize that this is not as easy as it seemed. I tried few different brands, ranging from size and design and came up with few simple pro and cons that might be helpful to know.

Despite the brand there are a few application rules to follow. Always apply base coat before applying the nail wrap and for better adhesive and more long wearing results. Place the chosen nail wrap size on top of your nail and shape the edges with not so sharp nail file (there is normally a small nail file that comes in the package, if not use any you have on hand, excluding glass nail files). Seal your nail sticker with top coat. So far I tried several brands such as Elegant Touch, Essie and LOreal, all of which left me wanting a bit more. The issue of size is always at present since I always end up with too many too small stickers and not enough big ones (for you it might be the other way around). Also some level of precision during application is also required. Lasting power is also something that I could not quite come to terms of. Even after the most meticulous application sealed with the best top coat I own the nail sticker started to peel off on day three. There are a few strong positives of nail stickers and despite all criticism they are great alternative during travel or on the go.


  • Ease of application definitely beats applying regular nail polish; it almost quicker and requires less skills.
  • Nail art design is already there, so no need to spend hours trying to master every stroke
  • Removing nail stickers is quicker and easier than any nail polish, they are also far less harmful for your nails too.
  • Lightweight and travel friendly packaging is of great convenience on the train, plain or at your work desk


  • Size of nail stickers is always a tricky one despite the good amount options you get in a single pack.
  • Longevity is not the same as applying a regular nail polish although you end up running into the same problem of flaking/chipping on day three.

I’m not really going to completely give up on the concept of nail stickers despite my many reservations. Yes there is no chance in hell for me drawing on my own meticulous lace details or Mickey Mouse on my nails, so perhaps keeping a pack of nail stickers handy is not such a bad idea. Check out my other blog post on nail stencils to see how much better do they work.