How to quickly clean boar and nylon bristle hair brush

How to quickly clean boar and nylon bristle hair brush

They say that a good quality hair brush can last you ages and regular brushing really helps your hair look its best. Mason Pearson hair brushes pride themselves as being the best and many have raved about their durability and distinct benefits for your hair. I like many others bought in the hype and purchased a Mason Pearson brush. Few short years of use have thought me some interesting facts about this brush and tips on how to clean a boar bristle brush in a proper way.

For my fine and mid length to long hair I picked up (twice) Mason Pearson Bristle & Nylon brush in Handy Size BN3 in Dark Ruby color (about £60, depending on the online retailer). For the price you are not only getting the main brush but also a mini brush tool used for cleaning your hair brush. The brush itself has a very comfortable and smooth handle easy to hold and grip tightly when dealing with hair tangles. Natural boar bristles are great for normal, fine or damaged hair but they are having a tough time dealing with knots and tangles (read my recent blog post talking about the unexpected benefits of boar bristle bristles). My favorite and quite affordable natural boar bristle hair brush is from Balmain Paris (tip: if you have hair extensions boar bristles are your friend). The combination of boar and nylon works best for really getting into properly brushing the hair and massaging the scalp. When it comes to upkeep I have to say that my first Mason Pearson brush lasted me about 3-4 years. I have to admit that I did not take good care of it and really used it frivolously every day.

how to clean Mason Pearson Bristle Nylon brush review

Here are few pointers to make your expensive boar and nylon bristle hair brush last for longer.

  • Dry clean your brush at least once a week (assuming you are using It daily). That’s where the cleanse brush comes to play and make this rather boring process a bit quicker and more bearable. When I first got the cleanser brush it took me quite a while to figure what it does exactly. It has cleverly spaced out soft bristles that slot in between the rolls of the handy size brush. It managed to lift up any hair, dust and dirt that the bristles accumulate.
  • Wash your hair brush every 3 months. This is something I skip on doing and sadly paid the price. The bristles attract and collect quite some dust and this is the last thing you want to add to your freshly washed hair.
  • Do not used this brush with hot tools or on wet hair especially if you use leave-in products. This little tip is probably the golden rule of keeping your Mason Pearson in supreme condition. The boar bristles do not react well when used in combination with applied heat from hot tools. Also some leave-in hair products leave some residue, which sticks to the boar bristles and results into collecting small balls of dust. Nylon bristles are better suited for use on both dry and wet hair.

how to clean Mason Pearson Bristle Nylon brush

With all that in mind I say goodbye to my old and trusty friend and move on to using my new acquisition. This time around armed with more tender love and care I’m sure to manage getting far more use of my Mason Pearson hair brush. If you are looking for a detangling hair brush why dont you check my article comparing Tangle Angel vs Tangle Teezer.