How to: lip liners

How to: lip liners

For most of us using a lip liner does not come naturally when applying lipstick. Nevertheless lip liners can make your lips appear fuller and bigger. After waiting the benefits of contouring and lining my lips I ventured into the drugstore. There were a few affordable alternatives worth talking about so let’s begin. At the end of this post there is also “how to line your lips” section that you might find useful.

Lip liners review-

Lip liner review swatches

Nude shades:

BeYu Soft liner in 519 is this beautiful nude/pink color with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. The formula is super soft and buttery. Also it glades on the lips easily and have somewhat glossy finsh. Lasting power is quite good too. This shade is perfect used in combination with nude pink or ash pink color lipstick. Brown tones make the outline of the lips more natural. Pink undertones also blend well with your lipstick. If you are interested in more reviews of BeYu products click here.

Essence lip liner in In The Nude (11) is a total steal. Absolutely gorgeous and inexpensive (I think about 1 mark). Essence eyeliner is buttery and has a matte finish. This shade is very skin like and is perfect for achieving polished nude lip. The formula is not very long lasting but this is still one of my favorite drugstore lip liners to use.

Laura Mercier lip liner in Spice is a bit one a cheat but worth investing in. The formula is long lasting, sheer and glossy. I like the sheerness of the color because it means is very buildable. In terms of color Spice is a glossy nude that gives plumpness. Great using in combination with even a sheer lip gloss.

Pink/rose shades

Rimmel Exaggerate Full color lip liner in Eastend Snob (063) is a total must have. The formula is matte and long lasting. The shade ash pink and looks very flattering on the lips. I was almost tempted to use it on its own but the formula is a bit drying. In combination with any clear chap stick works just fine.

Essence lip liner in Wish Me a Rose (12) is another great lip liner. I fell in love with the color instantly – dusty light pink. Perfect for even wearing it on its own in combination with similar color lip stick.

N7 Precision Lips pencil in Soft blush has probably the most vivid color from the bunch. The formula is soft and glides on smoothly on the lips. The fuchsia color translates matte on the lips. This lip pencil blends well and lasts a good amount of time. You do need a similar or matching lipstick color for best results. If you are around N7 counter also try their lipsticks. They have good range of colors and are very affordable.


First let’s start with how not to line your lips. Choosing the wrong color lip liner that does not match your lipstick is very common. This results in very unnatural and unpolished look. Same goes for overdrawing the bottom lip or not connecting the liner at the corners of your lips.

Moving along to tips for how to line your lips. It really depends on what you want to achieve – make your lips appear smaller/ bigger or make your lips proportionate. For fuller lips use lighter shade lipstick in the middle of your lips. For smaller lips to appear bigger just outline ever so slightly the cupid’s bow only (just go a bit over your natural lip line). For more define and polished look follow the outline of your lips. Also connect the corners of your lips and fill them in toward the center of your lips.