How to master lipsticks with glitter

How to master lipsticks with glitter

We all like a bit of sparkling glitter in our life but to keep it more on the classy side of things I learned to limit myself to one thing. For example if you are wearing glittery dress its best to leave it at that and tune down everything else in your outfit. In make up my rules are glittery eyes with nude or matte lipstick and neutral eyes combined with glossy/sparkling lips. Keeping it simple has helped me avoid but sadly not prevent style mistakes over time so here are my tried and tested tips on how to master glitter lipstick.

In make up when done right glitters can add volume and give more fullness/plum look. One thing to look for is how finely milled are the glittery particles. If glitters are too chunky chances are (in eye shadows) there is going to be tons of fall outs or (in lipsticks) the texture is going to be too gritty and uncomfortable to wear.

Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen trio swatches

Since we are talking about lipsticks today I picked up Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen trio that consists of shimmering nude, red and burgundy color lipsticks. The quality of Lipstick Queen lipsticks is totally worth that extra bit of cash and often there are great value sets to pick from too. Starting with one of my favorite shades from the bunch – Cha Cha (red burgundy). This like the other two shades comes with very tiny bits of glitter in multiple colors like red, gold and pink (same colors of shimmers is blended with all three shades of lipsticks). On the lips Cha Cha gives a slight carry sheen of color packed with glittery iridescence. Texture is very comfortable and more importantly shimmery particles are not gritty at all! That is what you should be looking for. Also in terms of color red/burgundy shade of lipsticks are probably the best color option to introduce glitter to. The overall effect is more settle because often the glitter will blend with bold red colors (quick tip – glitter really does not work applied over statement pinks and orange shades, trust me on this).

Lipstick Queen Cha Cha swatchs

Lipstick Queen Electric Slide swatch

Lipstick Queen The Husle swatch

Electric Slide, which is lighter shade of red is very similar to Cha Cha so I will skip right on. Moving on to The Hustle, which is beautiful sheer nude with same color shimmers. On the lips it just gives that settle sheen of sparkling shimmers. This particular lipstick very well engendered so the effect on the lips is actually pleasant. If you purchase a similar type of lipstick from the drugstore things go very wrong very fast. Nude lipsticks with prominent gold shimmery particles make your teeth appear more yellow, which is not cute. Same goes for similar shade lip glosses.

For those interested Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen retails for about £18 (currently on sale in SpaceNK for £8 so grab a bargain when you can). Hope my quick tips were somewhat useful and feel free to share your experiences with glittery lipsticks in the comments below.