How to pick the best brush to apply bronzer

How to pick the best brush to apply bronzer

The right tools can make the world of a difference and picking the best brush to apply bronzer brush makes no exception. It might seems an easy choice since bronzer application normally end up being less precise and just a tinted coat of makeup that goes all over the face. Truth is if you have a small forehead or large jaw line, how you apply your bronzer really matters and can really change your makeup game for good.

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There are several obvious and not so obvious options when it comes to bronze brushes. Lets start with some all-time favorite shapes of brushes that you should avoid at all costs. The big round and fluffy bronzer brush being number one in the chart, great example is Real Techniques’s Powder brush . Normally this type of brush will pick up too much product and distribute it very unevenly on the skin. It is just too big to provide any sort of control and precise application which are both highly desirable when applying any makeup. Another variation of this brush is big fluffy but slightly tapered at the base like this Morphe Tapered Powder Brush. Again this type of brush will perform a bit better but will lead no good blotchy application for similar reasons. Large fan brushes may look tempting but they are very much impractical and waste of money.

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The key to choosing the perfect bronzer brush for your face is to stick with med length, soft, long and flexible bristles, with tapered shape on top. Before all don’t forget to consider the overall size of your face. The mid length to long bristles have great flexibly to move around and deposit any powder with control. Brushes with slanted top provide precise application and normally works much easier for getting into the peripherals of your face especially if you have small forehead or no clearly defined cheekbones(don’t we all?). At last is to consider the proportion size of your bronzer brush vs the size of your face. If the bronzer brush is as big as half your forehead, this means you need to scale down. Medium size brushes normally work best even for covering large surfaces on your face. Best alternative I found so far is by Zoeva 128 Cream Cheek or this no brand brush I picked up from the drugstore that has very similar overall look. Something like Bobbi Brown Blush blush is a good 2 in 1 (blush and bronzer) if you have to scale down while travelling.

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