How to pick your wedding invitations

How to pick your wedding invitations

As recently mentioned I got engaged (here) and now we are planning our wedding. After setting up the date, location, securing the venue and finalizing the provisional guest list (reed lots of phone calls and emails back and forward, one master Excel sheet and hours of antagonizing research) we started looking at wedding invitations. Since our wedding categorize as small to medium in size I did not really felt the need to send save the date toucans or cards. May be I am missing on building on the excitement for our wedding but to tell the truth I did not feel the need to overcomplicate things.

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The variety of wedding invitations is beyond overwhelming so I suggest settling on the size first, design and colors scheme second. Standard envelope size appear to us the most. I felt that this size is more appealing because is expected (I know it does not sound that convincing, but hear me out). I found that there is so much more available varieties in terms of designs in comparison to other available sizes. My advice to you is do not limit yourself. Be sure that whatever size you choose you can always make your mark and create something unique but special to match your magical wedding.

Our traditional size wedding invitation was complimented with some laser cut details at the front. This type of design really gave our invitations that extra bit of special we were looking for. At the start on the selection process we ordered between ten and fifteen sample invitations. It really helped physically holding the designs and playing around with it. Some worked better than others and in the end we narrowed down to two preferred designs. Looking back I have no regrets of the choices we made. All our guests complimented our wedding invitations with words like very nice (man) and beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, (women).