How to set your lipstick in the heat

How to set your lipstick in the heat

My makeup definitely needs more lasting power during the warmer months of the year.  This is not yet another excuse to buy new things but more like a remorseful way to made due with what I currently have in my makeup cupboards. Lately, I’ve been enjoying wearing bold lip colors as a quick and lazy way to look more put together. After a good bit of trial and error, there were a few burning topics and questions like  how to set your lipstick in place, what type of lip product consistency to avoid, what about lipliners. Here are some of my experiences and answers. 

  • Lip gloss has no place in your handbag

Do you really want glossy and sticky lips to compliment a naturally dewy skin during summer? Of course not! Matte consistencies look and feel much better in the heat. When it comes to matte lipsticks I always start with exfoliate my lips by using lip scrub (Lush offer delicious sugar lip scrubs). One smart trick I picked up along the years is to not apply any lip balms before applying matte lipstick. Your lips will become too greasy and will not be able to hold and lock the lipstick color for long.  For more vibrant and long lasting lip color apply a bit of foundation over your lips and then your matte lipstick. You can also set it with translucent powder for that extra bit of heat and smudge prof protection. If you are looking for some great drugstore matte lipstick alternatives check Revlon or  NYX.

  • Lip liner over lipsticks

Lip liners look a bit complicated at first but once you properly try them there is no turning back. They have better lasting power than regular lipsticks, they are also very unlikely to melt in the heat and come far more convenient for travel packaging. Check out my tips on how to apply lip liner and few must have color recommendations.

  • The perfect matte

When it comes to choosing  bold lip colors, matte lipsticks tend to be more unforgiving than its shinier cousins. Pinks and orange colors are much riskier to wear than classic reds and burgundy/plum shades. If you still want to rock that bold pink lip do, just always remember that if you go for matte lips do use some shimmer on the eyes. Create a contrast of textures for more complete and polish makeup look. Trust me this golden rule really works.

When feeling hot and bothered I also tend to strip down my make up routine. Mix your concealer with a bit of day face cream and only cover the arias you need, don’t forget to blend well. The consistency of the face cream mixed with the concealer give more natural and smooth looking look on the skin. In the summer I also tend to use more cream based products like liquid blush or bronzer.