How to wear pattern tights

How to wear pattern tights

Patterned tights the equivalent of red lipstick. A bit sexy and rebellious but still acceptable and eye catching. Falke tights have the most amazing pattern designs when it comes to making a statement with your tights. Out of their current range i picked up a few patterned designs that i thought would be appropriate for during day, night or even work. So lets begin with some basic guidelines:

falke tights

Falke patterned tights

1. Patterned tights make your legs look sexy.
It really does not matter what size or shape you are, JUST OWN IT! Everybody wants feel sexy and look chic at the same time. Patterned tights can jazz up all black outfit in a second and take it from pain to interesting. They are great way to experiment with style, without investing a fortune.To complete the look pair them with some ankle booths (or even stilettos).

2. Careful with mixing patterns and textures.
Pattered tights add texture and accent to your look. Adding another pattern most of the time (if not all the time) does not look flattering. Make your tight the star of your show. That does not mean that you have to stick to one color.

3. When in doubt stay away from horizontal or vertical stripes.
Horizontal stripes can make your legs look wider. Vertical stripes are hard to keep straight so they end up looking wonky, which is not a chic look. Horizontal patterns can look flattering as far as they are no too many stripes involved. Falke tights have managed to master a few horizontal patters that look amazing. What i am trying to say here is proceed with caution when it comes to stripes and squares on your legs.

4. Fishnets and tribal designs are always a great choice.
I know what you are thinking when you red “fishnet tights”. Think about how your perception towards red lipstick has changed over the years. Yes it is darning to wear red lipstick/fishnet tights but don’t we all want to feel a bit of a rebel at some point in our adult life? Fishnets can be done in a very sophisticated and luxe way. Just stick to smaller patter design. Same goes for lace and tribal designs.