Indeed labs exfoliator marks a new way of cleansing

Indeed labs exfoliator marks a new way of cleansing

As a creature of habit but very much intrigued by new and shiny things I tend to try new skincare products more often than you think. This time around I was browsing the endless skin care aisles at the drugstore where once again I stumbled upon a well-known brand with a good cult following that I’ve never tried. Indeed labs exfoliator reminded me of another similar product I recently tried, so was excited to compare results. In addition, there was also another hidden gem of a product I decided to try as well. 

Indeed Labs Exfoliator is a facial powder exfoliator with rice brain (brightening), hyaluronic acid (plumbing and moisture) and pineapple enzymes (unclog pores). At first and on my sensitive skin, this product felt a bit drying after use but this is something I experience with quite a lots of cleansers. The powder consistency quickly emulsifies and bubbles up when in contact with water. This gentle foam also contains small exfoliating granules that felt very gentle on the skin. After use, my skin looked brighter and cleaner which was a very welcomed effect considering the lack of chemical ingredient of this facial powder.

Indeed Laboratories best products review

In comparison to Dermatologica, I would say that this cheaper alternative (also it comes in larger packaging) is very similar and performs as good. The main difference is that Indeed Labs version is meant to be used as a second cleanse and used daily while Dermatologica qualifies as more of treatment product. They both claim to gently exfoliate the skin and when used regularly prevent clogged pores and clear skin impurities. Dermatologica version is definitely a better suited and effective product for more acne prone skins while this Indeed Laboratories version is more geared towards normal skins to combination skins.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask review

Another product that I was very much excited to try was Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask. The pack comes with 4 sheet mask each containing 20ml of product. These sheet masks are made from the standard cotton wipe type of material, soaked in hyaluronic acid to help moisture retention. After about 15 minutes of wear, I scooped out the remaining serum from inside the individual packaging and applied it as a serum. After use, my skin did feel hydrated and more plump. Compared to other sheet masks I used in the past, Indeed Labs’s version seemed a bit basic. It did the job well but didn’t do anything extra that would completely make me fall in love and recommend this product. For the price, I think it is a great value for money but there are definitely some better and (slightly) more expensive alternatives out there like the one from StarSkin.