It might be possible to instantly have full lips, tick lashes and bight undereye

It might be possible to instantly have full lips, tick lashes and bight undereye

People including myself are hesitant spending money on skin care or skin treatments because they fear little to no results which equals no return on investment. With makeup it is very easy to measure the quality of the product but skin care tend to be much trickier. We all want that instant firming, smoothing, tightening or growing effect without religiously applying the product twice a day over long period of time. Recently I came across  a beauty brand that has taken upon themselves to deliver instant effects within minutes. Their product range cover eyes and lips, which are both arias every women would want to see signs of improvement. Especially when it comes to under eye circles and full lips.

Instant Effects is a brand created by same team who is behind Cult 51 (high-end skincare range focusing on fighting the signs of aging). The sleek black and white packaging comes with short instructions and promises of quick results. The first product I tried was Instant Lash* (24.99), aiming to increase the volume and thickness of my lashes. The rubber wand in small and easy to use when it comes to coating eyelashes from roots to tip. This product has clear consistency and a slight scent that does not linger. After applying a few coats of the product and letting it work its magic for about 10 minutes I could still see traces of it on my eyelashes. With a few coats of mascara on top the effect is very settle but noticeable. My lashes appear longer and ticker which was a win in my book.

Instant Effects directions to use reviewInstant Effects Instant Lash review

Instant Effects instant lash effects review

Instant Eye*(24.99) was the next product to try. This is eye serum has clear gel like consistency that absorbs quickly. Despite my sensitive under eye aria I did not experience any uncomfortable feeling or irritation. My overall experience with eye creams and serums is that even if they are really good products the actual effects are only visible after 2-3 weeks of regular use. After 15 minutes (as instructed by the packaging) I could not register any change or improvements of my under eye aria. I like the consistency and will continue to use it more regularly in order to be able to conclude on the effectiveness of this product. Update coming soon.

Instant Effects Instant eye reviewInstant Effects Instant Lips Review

Instant Effects Instant lip effects review

Instant Lip* (24.99) is a lip plumper that comes in a very convenient click pen packaging. The clear consistency is easy to apply and once on the lips it gives a clear glossy coat. Unlike any other lip plumper I’ve tried in the past, I did not experience any tingling or burning type of feeling. The effect was visible in about 15-20 minutes after which my lips appear naturally plump in very settle and measured type of way. I could definatelly see a bit more fullnes and pout . I really liked the whole experience and probably this is my favorite product from the range so far.

*PR samples, all view are my own.