Is Hylamide Booster a problem solver?

Is Hylamide Booster a problem solver?

On my continuous venture of exploring new skincare products I spotted Hyalmide Booster Series. This rather concise range of products that are new, straight to the point and come with a reasonable price tag. Hyalmide is a product range by Deciem, which also produce and distribute few other brands like the most famous Fountain beauty supplements and Glow Gorgeous hair growth serums and conditioners. Part of the Hyalmide Booster Series are three serums targeting some of the most common skin concern such as dehydration, redness or skin irritation and lack of skin radiance. Frankly my skin suffers from all three concerns on rotation and sometimes at the same time so choosing the right product for me was not an easy task.

Against the odds I picked up Hylamide Booster Sensitive Fix Serum targeting sensitive skins that often deal with skin irritation and redness. Since my sensitive skin tends to flare up every so often I decided to consult with trusted dermatologist. Once redness and irritation occur she advises to go back to basics and start using products with simple ingredients that can be easily absorbed by the skin. The process of cooling down my skin irritation was rather lengthy so I always wished for a product that could magically make it go away overnight.

Hylamide Booster Sensitive Fix Serum best for skin irritation

My first impressions of Hylamide Booster Sensitive Fix Serum were based on packaging, which was pretty standard. It is a bottle of clear liquid gel with slightly yellow undertone that also comes with a flimsy pipette, not sure if I had a bad one or it was by design. On application the consistency feels very wet but lightweight and quick to absorb. There is a scent that unfortunatelly does not smell like perfume but it rather reminds me of the smell of medical cabinet. Quickly after application there was little and almost undetectable trace of the product on skin. As per instructions I followerd with a layer of my day cream. Results ware positive and I did see my redness cool down.This serum does good job reducing mild red patches and help even skintone but if you have more of a skin condition like rosacea or skin blotchiness this product is  probably not for you.

Overall this new serum has proven that it does work and really brings my skin to red free zone. Considering that Hylamide Booster Sensitive Fix Serum cost £18 it is really worth trying. Other reviews pointed out that Hylamide Booster Low-molecule HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is also a great product for perking up dehydrated skins so may be that will be my next purchase.