It is important to fake tan before holiday

It is important to fake tan before holiday

With the more recent rise of temperatures and the beaming sun making an appearance on daily bases, a much-needed change in skincare and body routine was necessary. Bare legs are now officially in season and advertising of half-naked bronzed body models are something to deal with in the next three months. The summer season normally requires a bit more intense body care and far too much body image scrutiny. To avoid displaying my lizard limbs I have to apply body moisturizer far too often and pay far more attention on how I shave and epilate. Also applying fake tan before holiday became mandatory step in my spring/summer skincare routine. Here are my four must have summer body essentials that are rocking my world this season.   

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Golden Glow Medium is a rather controversial product meaning that you will rather love it or hate it right away. The thing is that application takes place in the shower and you have to wait outside the shower/running water for about 3 minutes. Quick tip: the longer you wait, better the results. Waiting only the recommended 3 minutes requires few more regular applications to see a noticeable sheen of color on the skin. Staying a bit longer definitely helps the ten develop slightly deeper and quicker. If you are worried about the color range check my review for St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion in Light. This is a great multitasking product that delivers gradual and very natural looking results.

Sachajuan Body Lotion in Shiny Citrus is another luxury body lotion that I absolutely love. It is lightweight, absorbs instantly and leaves the skin feeling soft. The consistency is quite runny which makes application quick and easy. At first, I was worried about the scent being too overpowering but actually, it is barely detectable and very settle. Comes in a generous 300ml bottle making it really worth the investment.

Clarins Shimmer Body Oil is one of those type of product that you must own. I received this as a present so that’s what I will use this summer, but there are many drugstore alternatives from The Body Shop, St. Tropez, M&S etc. Just find the one that works for your budget and get your body shimmer on. Quick tip: make sure to go for dry oil type of formula or oils that tend to sink into the skin quite quickly to avoid any permanent stains on clothes.

Last but not least is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – Water Resistant Spray-On Instant Perfect. This is the type of product I can not live without in case I have to show some bare skin. Basically, it is body makeup that is easy to apply without stakes and gives absolutely flawless skin finish. I have many scars on my legs from childhood and this product completely covers it and even skin tone in an instant. It does not rub off easily on clothes, just give it 10 minutes to dry first and you are good to go. Oh did I mention that is waterproof and really does not budge no matter how much you sweat…

For more product recommendations check our last year’s blog post on getting your natural (fake) tan before going on a holiday.