July beuaty trash

July beuaty trash

Another nine empty product reviews are coming your way so keep on reading. This month there are no hair products in my beauty trash, but to compensate there are plenty face products to make up to it.

Body and other

Garnier Body Tonic Smoothing Scrub review

Sanctuary Spa Youth Boosting Body Moisture Serum is lightweight moisturizer. For a bit more than a month of religious use I did not see my skin feeling softer or more rejuvenate. This body moisturizer has light scent and gel like texture that was quickly absorbed by the skin. However, for my dry skin this product did not do enough to keep my skin hydrated and flake free. No repurchase.
Garnier Body Tonic Smoothing Scrub has a refreshing zesty scent. This is a typical sugar scrub that exfoliates well, without being harsh or drying to the skin. The consistency is quite runny which makes the product run out quite quickly. I would probably repurchase it sometime in the future, but perhaps go for the more almond scent from same range.
Hello Mouthwash in Pink grapefruit mint has unusual aftertaste, but not for a good reason. In our household we go through mouthwash pretty quickly so I am glad it did not take long before it was over. No repurchase.


Clarins Man Line Control Balm review

Clarins HydraQuench Face Cream is probably the best face cream I’ve tried to date. After I stopped using this product dehydration lines become more visible and I could tell that my skin was missing on something. It takes me far more care (regular use of face masks and serums) to achieve the same results than when I was using this product. This face cream is on my “must purchase” shopping list.For detail review and to find out other products i use as part of my daily routine check here.
Radical Skincare Age-Defining Exfoliating Pads are good but not exceptionally good for the price of it. They are very convenient and great for travel. I did register a difference of my skin condition of using them regularly. From the ingredient list I can tell that there are many more extracts and good anti age ingredients in comparison to other more budget friendly alternatives. If you have the budget go for it, if not I am sure there equally as good alternative out there. No repurchase.
Johnson’s Moisturizing wipes for dry skin are probably my favorite type from the range. My skin is dehydrated but not necessarily dry and sensitive. This whiles and moist and gentle enough to take everything off without any irritation. I much prefer them than Johnson’s Moisturizing wipes for sensitive skin.
Clarins Man Line Control Balm is only a good product but when used in combination with others. As a stand-alone this face balm did not do much for Alpha Male. He liked the packaging, light scent and lightweight texture. In terms of results I did recognize some improvement of the condition of the skin after about a month of regular use. On the down side he went through this product quite quickly. No repurchase.

Essie Good As Gone Clarifying Nail Polish Remover review

Essie Good As Gone Clarifying Nail Polish Remover is a great purchase. With a single while it takes off any number of nail polish layers. It leaves your nails bare and conditioned. For full review and more details click here. I will definitely repurchase.
BeYu Fash Finish Top Coat kept my nail chip free for about four days, which is about average. No repurchase.

From now on i desided to include a maximum of 10 products in my Beauty Trash series just to keep blog posts more to the point and easy to digest. That also means that Beauty Trash will feature on monthly bases. Yey!

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