June Beauty Trash and tips on buying grounded coffee body scrubs

June Beauty Trash and tips on buying grounded coffee body scrubs

Let’s jump right into this month’s product empties. Since bare skin is officially in fashion I end up trying a number of products ranging from fake tans, grounded coffee scrubs, and skin care bits. Here is how I get on with it.

This month it’s been all about achieving baby soft and smooth skin. A few weeks ago I talked about how to get rid of stretch marks and orange peel skin and listed a few products that worked for me. Grounded coffee body scrubs were a new category of products I’ve been very much into, exploring different brands and coffee blend combinations. They are all very messy to use so it is better to go for large quantities over fancy flavors or scents. On Amazon, I found few cheaper alternatives like this Laila London Arabica Coffee & Coconut Body Scrub. Let me just give it to you straight – the glass jar packaging really not practical, it is hard to scoop out the product under the slippery shower, every time I used this product I was convinced that the jar will smash and cut my body; the consistency is way too oily and leaves greasy residue, which ends up washing off with soap. Another similar fail of a product (again on Amazon) were the coffee scrubs by Health Embassy. They are very poorly packaged and beyond basic. Save you pennies for a product that actually does something.

Quick guide buying a body scrub: stay away from any coffee scrubs in jars or tubes, chances are they are not the real thing and will leave your skin greasy. Look at the ingredient list, the product should contain real coffee and coconut or any other oil is not listed in the top five ingredients.

June product empties bio oil body coffee scrubs korres review

Speaking of oils there are two very successful oily purchases. LÓccitane Supple Skin Oil with Almond smells amazing, absorbs fairly quickly and combined with some good old body massage it can visibly reduce orange peel skin. Bio Oil is not only great for fading new scars but also as a preventative measure for stretch marks. The minute I see some new white skin cracks (sorry if that is way too visual) I immediately tend to lather up a good bit religiously for at least two weeks. As a result, stretch marks does tend to disaster.
A quick mention to Korres Jasmine shower gel that leaves settle but refreshing scent after use. Another LOccitane product I used up this month was the Relaxing Pillow Mist. I felt that this version was not as good as This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Both tend to smell and do things quite similarly but This Works’s version seems to knock me down a bit quicker….Let me explain. After a stressful day or when going to bed with million things on my mind I really need something that will help me relax and unwind. This type of products are great, last forever and really does the job well.

June product empties vichy tata harper evian review
I finally managed to finish three products from the Tata Harper range. Reparative Moisturizer and Rejuvenating Serum are good products but nothing worth the hefty investment. On my second sample of the Regenerating Cleanser, this product started growing on me. The consistency is very finely gritted and does not irritate the skin even if you scrub your face a bit of vigorously at times. It is a nice product that I might seriously consider purchasing sometimes in the future.
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum is my current obsession. This is probably the best serum (including luxury high-end brands) that I’ve tried so far. It is absolute must have that is also very reasonably priced and delivers a good hit of skin moisture after just a few regular skin applications. Must Have!
Another budget-friendly item that refreshes the face in an instant is Evian Facial Spray. It is a fine water mist, great for on the go and during flights.