Keeping your tools clean

Keeping your tools clean

Cleaning makeup brushes is one of those routines that is not pleasant but highly necessary. Dr Bronners Magic Soups (unscented) makes the whole process quicker and slightly more enjoyable. To tell the truth I used to hate washing my makeup brushes. The idea of having to spending part of my evening over the sink rubbing and scrubbing was just not for me. After a thorough wash they need to dry for a few hours before use and that is just inconvenient. My solution to the problem was also an excuse to go get some more makeup brushes. Now I realize that that is not a permanent solution, but more like avoiding the problem by creating another one – lower bank balance.

Moving on to the actual act turn ritual of cleaning makeup brushes. At the minute I like to use Dr Bronner´s Magic Soups for two reasons. First does the job very well and it is also time/money efficient. The whole bottle will last you for quite a while since you only need a tiny amount (pea size) per brush, despite its size. This is important because it can be hard to remove the excess soap from the brush. I normally swirl the already wet and soapy brush around my palm just so that all dirt/product comes off. Under a running tub just rinse and it is all done. Be careful not to get any water inside the metal body of the brush, where the bristles gather. Incidents like that can cause the bristles to loosen and start falling out. Another tip for keeping the shape of the brush, leave the bristles hang over the edge of any furniture (believe me it does works). This soap is very gentle and does not damage at all synthetic makeup brushes (despite their price). Second reason of liking and recommending this product is because it is multipurpose. The bottle is large and might take a while to finish it. Since this is a gentle baby soap, made with organic oils it can be used for washing pretty much everything. In other words Dr Bronner´s Magic Soups are great household investment.

  • I dread washing my makeup brushes, maybe I need to find the right product to wash them with! This sounds great, maybe I should try a baby shampoo?

    Tarnya |

    • Eli

      I was absolutely the same, was even considering buying new brushes, silly I know. Baby shampoo works fine but if you are scared of liquids I would recommend bar soap or special makeup brush cleaning soap. They are not that expensive and for last years, trust me.