Lazy approach to blush and highlight

Lazy approach to blush and highlight

Not everybody are into investing into makeup brushes and I totally get that. It could become a bit of a hassle research brands, shapes and quality, then learn how to best use it and let’s not forget, to clean it occasionally. It all might seem a bit too much work the average gal is willing to put up with. Well Mai Couture have revolutionary solution for you. Sheets of paper coated with layer of foundation, blush and highlight. Personally I was not brave enough to try the foundation sheets so I went for the obvious choice of blush and highlight combo.

Mai Couture Sunset Boulevard St Barts blush colour review

Mai Couture Tropical Glow duo comes in a stylish lightweight packaging that looks perfect for taking with me on the go or travelling. Sunset Boulevard is a good looking light peach blush colour that is a very universally frittering shade. I was a bit surprised to discover that St Barts highlighter shade resembled light bronze complexion enhancer rather than your typical champagne undertone highlighter. On the skin both shades look very settle and add more of a skin iridescence than actual (shimmery) glow. Sunset Boulevard bush colour add that natural peach flush on the skin, while St Barts translates very settle highlight shade that catches the light beautifully.  The pigment is strong but still very buildable giving more control on application.

mai couture how to use blush and highlight review

Getting used to this new approach to blush and highlight took a bit of practice. Here are a few pointers for smooth application: do not rub the sheets of paper because you will end up dragging your foundation; gently press each sheet onto the skin until you are happy the transferred color; fold the sheet into two and use your index finger to apply the product (see picture).

mai couture how to use blush and highlight

Mai Couture Tropical Glow duo review

It took me about two sheets of paper to get used to it and be able to achieve the results I opted for. Mai Couture products are very innovative and I do like the settle results but it will take a bit more time to wean me off my pan blusher.