Lazy girl nail art design

Lazy girl nail art design

I love looking at endless Instagram feeds of immaculately drawn miniature pictures on nails. Too bad I have no patience nor skill to even try to recreate any of it at home. Recently I found a Korean invention, so easy to use that even five years old can do it. Results are insanely good and in seconds my nails were beautifully decorated with pictures of animals, fruits, trees and letters. Forget about nail art stickers, nail art stamps are the feature.

My initial Amazon search on nail art revealed 72 pages of various nail art kits, colorful pens, variety of nail slickers and even false nails with nail art already drawn on them. On page five I discovered Konad Nail Stamp System consisting of a rubber stamp, blade and over 50 metal plates with different designs. Each  plate have at least seven different designs including small or large pictures, different patters or letters.

Konad stamping nail art system review

In terms of difficulty to use unlike many other nail art DIY alternatives, on the scale from 1 being impossibly hard and 10 being super easy, I give this nail art design sytem a solid 8. Just paint your nails in any color you want. Let it dry completely and then move on applying any of the Konad designs. Chose the design you want and generously cover the embossed print with nail polish.

Konad nail system how to

For best results choose a nail polish that is quite opaque. Remove the excess color with the blade provided and transfer the print onto the rubber stamp and then onto your nail. For longer lasting results you can seal the design with top coat. Another trick what works equally good is to gently apply place on top of your nail cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover for a few seconds, making sure you do not smear the color of your nails. Then remove the cotton pad and place your design on top. Basically you are creating a better grip for the design to stick on, much like sanding a wall before it gets painted.

Konad nail art design

Konad nail art application

It took me about 5 minutes to apply one design on each finger, which I though was both quick and efficient. After playing with it for a while now I have some good recommendations on color combinations. Avoid pearly nail polish colors for any of the designs, opaque colors transfer and look much better. Go for black, white, red, pink and orange colors for your nail stamps since they pair well with any base color nails. Avoid gray, blue and any pale colors because they can look quite muddy and faded.

Konad stamp and blade costs abot £5, each individual plate with designs varies between £3-£4 on Amazon.

  • This looks awesome! It has a really nice effect. I’m definitely a lazy nail painter.

    • Eli

      Glad there are other people out there struggling with nail art and nail painting in general! xx