Lets talk about face SPF

Lets talk about face SPF

Whatever you do please, please, please apply some SPF protection on your face, especially during summer. Face SPF products became a regular must have in my handbag only since a few years back. There was a time back in the days (i feel 100 while i am writing this) when I used to cut corners applying SPF face creams in the morning. Many make up products advertise the existence of SPF added to their formula but after some digging (and painful experiences) the percentage added to products turn out to very low and insignificant to make a difference.

During summer months my fair, sensitive and freckly skin was always turning red and feeling dehydrated. Face SPF with a factor 30 and above helped me keep the condition of my skin under control. But i was hard to find a decent non greasy and lightweight formula that would suit my everyday skincare and make up routine.This summer i tried five SPF face protection products across different brands and here are my views and what worked and what did not measure up.

Face SPF Clinique

Face SPF Shiseido

Face SPF Avene

Face SPF Vichy

Face SPF Vichy Capital Soleil BB Cream

Face SPF Vichy Capital Soleil BB Cream

Shiseido Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion SPF 30 – It is a great multi-purpose product that is easy to carry around too.It sinks into the skin quickly and seamlessly without feeling greasy or leaving a white cast. Feels more like a non sticky moisturizer than effective SPF cream which i particularly enjoyed. Also it offers UVA and UVB protection, meaning you’re protected not only from burning but also the aging effect of the sun.

Clinique face cream with SPF 30 – This is what i normally carry with me on a day-to-day bases, due to the small packaging and yellow color, making it easy to find in the cyclone on things living in my handbag. It takes a bit more time to be absorbed by the skin but after about 10 minutes the shine turns off and leave your skin looking mat.

Avene High protection creme SPF 30 for dry and sensitive skin – One distinctive quality it smells like a baby product. I don’t find it bad and the sent does not linger for long. Otherwise this is my favorite face SPF to bring with me to the beach. Feels great on the skin and even after a few hours (and a bit of seating) it does not budge. Of course it is ideal you re-apply face SPFs every couple of hours and after you come out of the water.

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 for sensitive, combination to only skin – initially i bough this for my better half, who has combination to only skin. The product packaging promises mattifying effect and dry touch but does not deliver on any of those. It sits greasy on to of the skin and leaves a white cast if you do not rub it properly. I only find out that this product does not after he almost used it all up.. oh well nothing goes to waste in our household. Or does it really….

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50 BB cream for normal to dry sensitive skin – this is my favorite product of the bunch. I would characterize it as a tinted moisturizer with high SPF that has light coverage. What i love about it is that you can apply it with fingers and still get matte polished look. This product does give a bit of a glow, that comes from the added pigment. Due to the color pigment i would recommend using this product after or during holiday when you have a hint of a tan.