Liquid or powder highlighter is the one for you

Liquid or powder highlighter is the one for you

You do not need to be a super human to know how to strobe or highlight. In facet face highlighting is quite simple – just apply the product lightly on the high points of your cheeks, brow bone, bridge of the nose and cupids bow and you are done. What I find quite hard and confusing really is choosing the right highlighting product for my skin type. This 5 glowing liquid or powder highlighter recommendations that can fit any complexion despite the time of the year.

Which highlighters are for Dry, Normal or Oily skins
My skin is on the dry side of things and does not grab well to powders that are not super pigmented and finely milled. When using a regular highlighter or blush powder by the end of the day i can only see patches of makeup here and there, making my overall makeup look not very appealing. Long time i discovered that the best long-lasting option for dry skin is liquid highlighter. By now I’m very used to strobing, even before it became such a trend. It is quite simple technique that only requires you to mix a bit of liquid highlighter with your foundation for more dewy looking skin. Another trick is to apply liquid highlighter (generously) before foundation and blend, blend, blend. It works like a charm and the effect is quite settle glow from within. If your skin tend to be more on the oily side of things powder highlighter is your best bet. The product will grab on to your skin and stay put throughout the day. Liquid highlighters tend to slide and move on oily skins but if you really like the effect you can set it by using translucent setting powder.Normal skin types benefit from best of both worlds, so the world is your oyster in this case.

Which highlighters suit light, medium and deep tone complexions
My fair skin cannot take anything darker than light medium in bronzers and same goes for highlighters. I found that natural light golden tones look more settle on the skin, creating the illusion that I woke up with lightly sun kissed healy looking skin. My two favorite liquid highlighter products are Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone £33 (light beige with settle illuminating finish) and Nourish Golden Glow (luminous light gold). If your skin tone have more olive tones, than any light gold or rose gold highlighter can really bring the natural glow. My two favorites are Stilla All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten £15 and Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow duo £49 . Both products are more of a 2 in 1, which makes them great value for money. Stilla All Over Shimmer Duo come with a nice rose gold highlighter and the best shimmery nude eye shadow – Kitten. Charlotte Tilbury Duo consist of very very pigmented highlighter in light beige with gold undertones and light medium almost matte bronzer. If your skin tone is deep you need light frosty tones to really stand out and create that glowing effect. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal is great frosty white shade that still looks settle on the skin. Also Tilbury’s highlighter is a great alternate because of the strong pigmentation.

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Stilla kitten vs Charlotte tilbury highlighter

Thoughts on quality and consistency of highlighters – when it comes to liquid highlighters it is far easier to find a good match at the drugstore. When it comes to powders things get a bit more complicated, since most of the time the quality is really not there. When purchasing a powder highlighter I look for how finely milled and smooth the powder is in texture. Most drugstore highlighters come with big chunks of glitter or are very frosty in color, they also tend to sink into pores or other skin imperfections. My advice is to bite the bullet and pick a quality highlighter from brands like Stilla or the Balm that still range under £20.

Givenchy Healthy Glow Face Powder review

Skin enhancers as highlighters – they could work if you want a glowing skin and nothing more. They normally come in light beige or brown and give settle illuminating finish to the skin. These are not highlighters and will never give the same effect. Givenchy Healthy Glow Face Powder is a great example. Great for medium skin tones just to lift up the complexion and simply make it look more revived.

Hope all this was somehow helpful to you and made picking the best highlighter for you a bit easier. Recently i reviewed Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit that really delivers on that J-lo glow from within.