Little hair fixers

Little hair fixers

Some girls like me are not great blow drying their hair like a pro. At that stage we frantically start buying different hair tools like straighteners, hot wands, all that jazz. After a while our hair becomes dry, losses shine and we move on scavenging for best hair masks and other hair treatments. In other words it is a viscous circle.

Today i’d like to share a few non heat related hair tools that help my hair stay healthy and shiny. I found this set of 8 pack sleep in rollers in Pimark. They cost something ridiculous like 2.50 so why not give it a go. They are made of some soft of a sponge inside, which actually works well for overnight. They grip the hair well and stay put throughout without using hair pins. I normally used them on slightly damp hair and over night. If they bother you too much while in bed, you can also put them all and dry your hair with a hairdryer.The result are bouncy but effortless curls that look quite natural. If your hair is tick or long i would advise using more rollers and apply some heat for best results.

Tangleteezer is a live savior and if you haven’t tried it you really should. It is just so easy dealing with those nasty knots on the back of your head. I use it every time i can – after shower or just for regular hair brushing. It comes in many different color combinations which is making it even more fun to have in your bag.

I am not a big fan of hair teasing, but for quick root lifts here and there is works just fine. This pink hair teaser is  form Primark that works as good as any other more expensive alternative.

Another discovery is that fringe curler i found in some Asian shop. Is meant to give shape and volume to longer fringes. I found that it did work to some extend but perhaps you are better off using a simple round brush.