Long lasting eye crayons on a budget

Long lasting eye crayons on a budget

BeYu is a German drugstore makeup brand that slowly but surely became all-time favorite. My favorite range from the brand is BeYu Color Biggie, eye shadow crayons that come in over 36 shades! There are different finishes ranging from matte to shimmer. These eye crayons are everything and beyond what you would expect and quality comes very close to similar high end product.

BeYu Color Biggie eye crayons are very soft and glade on like a dream. Just before the color sets there is a small window of opportunity for blending the rough edges. Once the color fully sets it does not budge or crease easily. If you have oily eyelids (like mine) I would highly recommend using a primer, just to ensure longevity throughout the day.

BeYu Color Biggie 320 356 418 review swaches

After spending about thirty minutes swatching every possible shade of colors I managed to limit myself to only buy three shades. BeYu Color Biggie 320 is the perfect every day cream sheen nude-beige color. The shade on the packaging comes very close to the actual color of this eye crayon. The consistency is supper creamy making it very easy to apply and blend. You really do not need any (fancy) brushes to achieve a polished look. Using your fingers to blend the harsh edges does the job equally as good.

Another great shade is 356 . The color translates as medium brown with a hint of golden undertones. This particular color is great for getting definition at the outer corner the eye. At last I picked up this unique begrime color – BeYu Color Biggie 418. The shade looks like a deep purple but translates as sheer metallic plum shade. It gives beautiful hint of color that is perfect for day and night.

BeYu Color Biggie can be found on Amazon or in any country that have Douglas drugstore.