Metallic eye shadow crayons

Metallic eye shadow crayons

My quest for long lasting and budget friendly eye shadow sticks alternative has led to me to Gosh Forever Eye Shadow crayons. They are retractable, metallic and hopefully long lasting. Four shades attracted my attention with their metallic finish and a promise for a long lasting formula.

These smooth metallic eye shadows sticks have a creamy consistency that glides on the lid easily. Once applied they take a few minutes to completely set, allowing sometime to blend. Gosh Forever Eye Shadow crayons are super pigmented so little goes a long way. These crayons have great color payoff that packs a punch of color even after one swipe. The color range is quite good too since it cover some all times staples shade such as taupe, light and dark copper, champagne plus a few more like a plum purple and dark green. In terms of longevity some shades lasted me very well during the day without any color transfer or fallouts (check out the last paragraph to find out more). I like that these crayons are retractable and perfect for travel/on the go.

Gosh Forever Eye Shadow stick crayon review

Gosh Forever Eye Shadow Silver Rose swatches

Gosh Forever Eye Shadow Silver Rose (01) is probably one of my favorite shade from the range. The color is a beautiful silver taupe shade with hints of rose pink. Just lightly layer it all over the lid for quick every day glam look (see picture). As much as i like it on its own Silver Rose also compliments well Plum (06), which is a gun metal silver shade with hints of plum purple. Plum is really more of an evening color because of the darker shade undertones. Gosh Forever Eye Shadow Beige (02) and Light Copper (03) also go well together. Beige is a shimmery light gold color while Light Copper is more of a typical rusty copper shade.

Gosh Forever Eye Shadow Silver Rose Plum Light copper Beige swatches

I was surprised to discover that the formula of Gosh Forever Eye Shadow crayons differs depending on the shade. Light Copper (03) and Silver Rose (01) have a very simply smooth velvety texture even when applied very sheer. Beige (02) and Plum (06) are not as smooth and actually have some chunks of glitter. Also both shades tend to crease far more easily and the chunks of glitter turn into fallouts. Light Copper (03) and Silver Rose (01) does not crease as easily and lasted significantly longer.