Out of this Morrocanoil kit the protein hair mask made big difference

Out of this Morrocanoil kit  the protein hair mask made big difference

Dry, damaged, colored or highlighted hair all suffer from the same problem which is lack of moisture. There are many keratin infused hair care ranges promising great result in shot amount of time. Personally I like to spend a bit extra on my shampoo because of my sensitive scalp but really splurge on nourishing conditioner and protein hair mask. Finding a good mid-range brand that is also free from of sulfates, phosphates and parabens is quite easy but which one is really worth your money.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair shampoo

I’m not very loyal when it comes to cleansers, shampoos and conditioners. Every time I finish a product from this category I take it as a great opportunity to try something new. Marocc0noil has been on my “to-try-list” for a while now, and so I ordered few of their top rated products from their Moisture Repair range. The shampoo (£16.55 or lower depending on the retailer) has light perfume scent and think liquid consistency. I’m half way through the bottle and can say that it washes my hair just fine but from time to time makes my scalp a bit itchy. This shampoo felt really average and I’m really not convinced that it is worth (re)purchasing considering the price range. Moisture Repair Conditioner (£17.25 or lower depending on the retailer) has a creamy consistency that is easy to spread out and also it is quickly absorbed by my dry hair. This is a nice conditioner that nourished my hair and helped with smoothing my frizzy hair. When it comes to managing the really dry and chemically processed hair strands this conditioner needed a bit more strength. Marocconoil Restorative Hair Mask (£31.85 for 250ml) is a protein type of hair mask and the one product that really stood out for me. After use this hair mask left my hair feeling silky soft, nourished and sleek without weighting it down. Results are visible after a single use which makes it really worth a try. My bristle hair felt far more manageable, also had less tangles which really helped the speeding up styling process.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair shampoo hair mask conditioner

If you have to pick one product from this range to splurge your money on I would say don’t bother with shampoo, get the mask and may be, if budget allows go for the conditioner two. I got these three products in a value set much made me a bit cheaper than buying them individually. Also online there are always way more promotional discount offers than salons. Keep in mind that Marocconoil is about the same price bracket as Kerastase, which in general is much better brand when looking for heavy duty hair shampoos and conditioners.