MUA Makeup Academy: Hot or Not

MUA Makeup Academy: Hot or Not

Drugstore makeup brands that are cheap as chips never really gave me much confidence. MUA Makeup Academy oozed promise so i purchased a few products. Prices started from just £ 1 and packaging looked quite good too. After swatching almost every possible product from the range here are my picks.
MUA Lip Lacquer review

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in shades Halcyn (nude) and Atomic (bright orange). Helcyn as a color is a dark shade of peachy nude that does not go well with pale complexions. I was instantly attracted by the bright color of Atomic. It the packaging it looks like almost florescent orange, very similar to Neon Orange lipstick by MAC. In terms of consistency it did glide on easily on the lips. It tried rather quickly into matte color. In a few seconds it felt really drying so much so that my lips were almost sown together. After a few hours of use it started bleeding (top and bottom) outside the borders of my lips. In terms of longevity it also did not perform very well. When I tried to remove the rest of it it took a bit of scrubbing. In short the formula is not good enough despite price and considering the stiff completion. This product is a reassuring miss.

MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer is another miss. I should have known better when I swatched this concealer in store. The formula is light but at the same time covering. However there are any two shades from the range and there are a tiny bits of glitter! Also consistency amplifies fine lines and splits very easily giving you instant cakey look. Not pretty at all.

MUA listick review

MUA Cosmetics lipstick Lip Lacquer swatches
At this point my hopes were high for the MUA Makeup Academy lipsticks in Tulip (rose pink) and Bare (pink nude). I was not disappointed. The colors looked absolutely amazing in the bullet. The formula feels moisturizing on the lips although it clings on to try patches. There is this useful screw on lip liner at the end of this lipstick. I found that this lipstick lasts and look better when I prime my lips with the matching lip liner. Tulip is a beautiful light pink that translates lighter than it looks. Bare is a flattering nude shade that looks good even on pale complexions. MUA Makeup Academy lipsticks are amazing and cost £ 1  only! They last a good amount of time, they are easy to apply and the color range is quite good too. Probably the best and cheapest buy from this brand.