My best lipstick brand

My best lipstick brand

Everybody have that one preferred makeup brand that no matter what it never disappoints. When it comes to luxury  lipsticks, for years I always reach for GIVENCHY Le Rouge Lipsticks. The formula is velvety matte, forgiving (even if you have chapped lips) and very long lasting making it the perfect handbag especial. Packaging is super luxurious and edgy combining silver metal and black leather. From the range I picked up four shades that best suit my light completion. Each shade is effortlessly chic and suitable for any season or occasion.

GIVENCHY Le Rouge Lipstick

N°106 Nude Guipure is a typical your-lips-but-better color. It is on the nude side of things with prominent hue of mauve rose tones. On the lips the formula feels very moisturizing and creamy.

Givenchy 106 Nude Guipure review

N°301 Magnolia Organza is the perfect fuchsia pink shade that can brighten any outfit. On the lips it sits more pastel than bright and thanks to the velvet formula it looks very settle for such bright color.

Givenchy 315 Framboise Velours review

N°303 Corail Décolleté is another bright lipstick alternative and is a combination of robbery shade with orange undertones. I find that bright lipsticks that are more coral or with slight orange undertones look much better on medium to dark complexions. N°303 is my version of doing orange lipstick during the summer months, when my skin is with a hint of golden color.

Givenchy 303 Corail Décolleté review swatches-r35

N°315 Framboise Velours is probably the one shade I received the most compliments when I wore it. The color is a unique combination of deep raspberry with dark red undertones. On the lips it translates lightly lighter than in the bullet but it looks absolutely phenomenal on any complexion. If you only have the budget to buy one of GIVENCHY Le Rouge Lipsticks I highly recommend going for N°315, you will not regret it.

Givenchy 315 Framboise Velours review

GIVENCHY Le Rouge Lipstick come in 24 different shades and retails for about £25. The high price tag is completely reasonable considering the long lasting formula and the amazing matte finish. On the lips this lipstick glides on easily a at first looks quite glossy and creamy.Once it set the color turns matte and there is no budging for hours on end. Trust me these lipsticks lasted me throughout many cocktail hours and nights outs without any fail. GIVENCHY is definitely the best lipstick brand i highly recommend checking out.

  • mariette

    completely agree I have it in Rose Ruban and it is the perfect nude ! love ur blog x

    • Eli

      Thank you Mariette! You really made my day!
      BTW Rose Ruban is definatelly on my “have to get” list