My holy grail product – Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

My holy grail product – Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Seeking for some face treatment, mask or cream to improve my unhappy looking skin I end up purchasing Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. There were a few obstacles before I decided to part with my hard earned cash.

For example the shop assistant needed to convince me that face oils are good for my (dehydrated) skin. Answer: because they nourish the skin; also since plant extracts carry higher concentration of good ingredients visible results comes quicker. Then I hesitated because of the big sign “for oily and combination skin”, considering my skin is none of these types. Answer: you should search for ingredients that can target a specific concerns and then look at the suitable consistency of the product. Lastly from the range why Lotus and not Blue Orchid (the one meant for dehydrated skin). Answer: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil consist of more extensive blend of ingredients that go beyond targeting only hydration. To tell the truth her sales pitch did result in product purchase, but it took me a while before I realized that this face oil is my absolute Holy Grail face treatment.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil review oil

The smell of Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is settle and does not linger for long. The oil itself is not too oily or heavy. I would characterize it as more of a dry oil that sinks easily into your skin and does not leave any greasy cast. The pipette is very suiting and works well for distributing the right amount of product. Per application I normally use one almost full pipette and massage it gently into the skin. After my first application I could visibly see that my skin condition was improved. My usually red arias were gone and my skin tone was absolutely even. My larger pores around the nose aria were less visible (it is scientifically proven that there is no product or ingredient that could actually minimize pores, the best you can achieve is minimize appearance, not the same thing). I was absolutely astonished by the amazing results. To spot the difference I stopped applying Lotus Face Treatment Oil and resumed to applying my face nigh cream. Next day the red arias were staring to show again and the over condition of my skin felt a bit lacking.

After two months of religious use I am completely converted and cannot live without this miraculous face treatment oil. It is worth every penny and skin improvement is visible after one time use only. Absolute must have and my new evening best friend…that come up the wrong way….but you know what I meant (I hope).