My secret for softer feet

My secret for softer feet

Taking care of your feet does not come naturally especially during the colder months of the year. Margaret Dabbs London is a quality foot care worth investing in.  Good products can deliver quick results with half the hassle. Margaret Dabbs herself is a renounced foot specialist that also has number of nail salons. Her Foot Clinic in London is probably one of the best places to spoil your feet.

My foot routine is very basic or even nonexistent. Once a month I will do a home pedicure and somehow manage to make my toe nails look somewhat presentable. If you decide to splurge once in a while for a salon foot treatment I would recommend going for medial pedicure.

Margaret Dabbs London Exfoliating Foot Mouse review Superdrug Foot File

My at home foot routine normally starts somewhere between waiting for my hair conditioner and applying body wash/scrub. By than my feet are well soaked up and ready for TLC. I normally start with my inexpensive Superdrug Foot File gently removing dead skin. This Foot File is nothing fancy but does a good enough job, when used regularly.  Next I move on to Margaret Dabbs London Exfoliating Foot Mouse. This foot scrub has light green tea smell and grainy texture. Scrub particles are medium to small and does not irritate the skin after use. After use my feet instantly felt softer and cleaner.

Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion review

Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion is something I started using every time after I shower. This product has a light citrusy smell that is quite refreshing. Texture is light and creamy. It does not feel tacky and soaks in very quickly. My feet are left feeling baby soft and nourished. Even rough arias appear less dry and hydrated. After continues use of both products I can see improvement of my feet condition.

Normally I try to apply foot lotion every time after shower. Also use my foot file and Exfoliating Foot Mouse at least twice a week for better results. After using Margaret Dabbs London products for a while now I can see results quickly. My feet look great and feel quite soft too.  In other words totally worth the investment.