My take on Sunday Raily Luna Sleeping Night Oil

My take on Sunday Raily  Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Raily Luna Sleeping Night Oil is this incredibly hyped up product in the beauty community. After so much praise and advertising I like many others fell into the trap and “had to have it”. After watching endless videos and reading countless blog reviews I  was also absolutely convinced that this is THE BEST PRODUCT for my skin, regardless of ingredients and price. Well until I actually tried it.
Like most consumers I don’t have fancy medical degree or understand extensively chemical bonds between molecules. I’m just a girl trying and testing different products so she can find what’s right for her skin. Naturally, my knowledge of ingredients and technology used in manufacturing of products is limited. After some research Luna’s  ingredients consist of naturally extracted oils combined with trans-retinoic acid. This particular acid is derived from retinol, hence the warning signs on the packaging pointing out that you might experience some mild pealing.

Sunday Raily Luna revirew

My first impressions were positive since I already tried and smelled the consistency in store. On the face the ink blue consistency dilute in color living a slight light green/blue tone hue on the skin. The oil tend to sit on the skin and takes a bit of time to fully absorb.

Sunday Raily Luna review blue skin

In the morning (this is a night oil and results are to be harvest by the morning) after carefully examining my skin I saw some improvement. Despite the trans-retinoic acid that can be perceived as aggressive ingredient my sensitive skin did not experience any redness or irritation. My complexion was clear and skin tone was even but honestly I was not as blown away by the results as I thought I would be. It did not really feel like this product does anything better than a good night cream.

For reference I gave a normal to dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin with some pigmentation. I used this product religiously for a week and did experience some skin pealing. Personally I feel like if you have similar skin type this product is definitely not for you, and you can better spend your money elsewhere. If your skin is oily with hyperpigmentation and traces of scarring you are more likely to experience the full potential of this product. Sunday Raily Luna Sleeping Night Oil cost £85!