Nars Limited eddition favourites

Nars Limited eddition favourites

Nars is doing amazing job when it comes to affordable limited collections and value holiday gift sets. Nars Christopher Kane collection happens to be one of those great collaborations. This mini collection is jam packed with limited edition gems quickly becomming one of my favourite Nars products. There is a prominent theme accross all products which is sparkle and neon. It is quite daring and perhaps not everybody’s cup of tea. There is one particular item that shined trough with its uniqueness and werability (is that really a word?). No its not Outer Limits single eye shadow. I found the consistency quite chalky and the glitter particles a bit too large for my liking.

Nars Parallel Universe review

Nars Parallel Universe duo palette consist of two dazzling shades – metallic nude peach and metallic lilac purple. What makes this palette worth every penny is the unique mix of sparkling undertones. The base shades are mixed up with finely mild multicolor, iridescent glittery particles. The added sparkle really compliments the base shade and makes the color to really stand out. On the lid the glittery undertones cath the light and look quite unique. The formula is soft, buttery and easy to blend. I was expecting a good amount of fall outs but there were just a few which is kind of impressive, considering there is good amount a glitter mixed in. Since both colors are quite light they also work great as a highlighters, just to pop them on in the middle of the eyelid. The metallic peachy nude is probably my favorite from the two. It looks amazing with matte black eyeliner and a wash of mascara.

Nars Parallel Universe swatches one  my favourite Nars products

Nars Christopher Kane collection also comes with has some great staples (matte bronzer) and some out of the box propositions (purple highlighter). If you are beauty addict or you are just starring up with make up, I am sure you can find your favourite Nars products in this collection.