New gentle way to treat blemishes

New gentle way to treat blemishes

There are always moments in life when dealing with the unforeseen angry red blemish on your face is the last thing you need in your life. I’ve watched many tutorials teaching me how to skillfully pin point conceal my newly developed temporarily imperfections. Results were never that great but experience had taught me to leave my blemish alone (no picking girls!) during the day and then attack it overnight. So far I only find one invisible solution that help me treat blemishes and get rid of them overnight.

Just as a rule of thumb, try not to squeeze or irritate more you blemishes. We all know what the temptation get the best of us so let’s just jump in on alternative solutions. If you wake up with a massive pimple on your face just try to resist touching it during the day and do apply concealer or foundation if you need to. If you are not going anywhere special you can start your at-home “let’s get rid of this ugly thing” treatment. Starting with a clean skin goes without saying. Next you need some type of solution with Salicylic acid that will unclog pores. Seeking for convenience I found Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots that are basically clear patches that come in different sizes meant to be placed directly on the spot for about four hours or overnight.

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I like that once on the skin, it looks very discreet and deceiving but also does not have any overwhelming scent. They stick to the skin petty well and tend to stay put. Something to keep in mind is that despite its flexibility you can still feel the clear sticker on the skin.  After use my spot had reduced size, redness and inflammation. By the end of next day there was no trace of my angry blemish. Note: this product only work wonders if you havent squeezed your spot already.

Full pack of Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots cost £17.50 for 4 sheets x 12 dots on each sheet and they are available at Cult Beauty