New Sweet Kiss

New Sweet Kiss

Its summer and there is an explosion of new lip products at the drugstore. Another victim of my uncontrollable desire to try something new are the Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss lip glosses. There are six new additions to the line including pale nude, pinks, summer peach colors and reds. With all that in mind I picked up three very summery but still every day colors.

Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss Sand-sation (1) has a light peach shade that it does not translate as strong as it looks in the packaging. It looks very natural and glossy, my-lips-but-better kind of color. Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss Rose qui peaut (2) is a nice light rose color that leaves a nice hint of nude pink color. Bourjois Paris Sweet Orange pressee (5) probably has the strongest pigment from the bunch. This is your typical summer coral shade that is just all time classic.

Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss lipgloss Sand sation review

Bourjois Paris Sweet lipgloss Orange pressee review

Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss lipgloss Rose qui peaut review

Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss lipgloss review

The formula is sheer and lightly pigmented. On application the product is quickly absorbed and what is left is a nice settle glossy and non sticky sheen on the lips. This lip glosses come with the standard lip brush, which is a bit old school considering the competition. Also because of that brush applicator it can be a bit streaky at times, so you need to spend a bit more than 5 seconds applying it. All three lip glosses have the typical scent of Bourjois Paris lip products. Regarding the claim of “10 hour hydration” I can testify the obvious – there is no lip gloss that will ever do that. On a positive, it did last a good while and felt that I still have something on my lips even after I had a meal. In other words I did experience a version of “shine bare lip”.