New year = New body

New year = New body

There is one day in the year when the clock hits 12.00 and all our hopes and dreams hit refresh.Statistically at least one of your “new” resolutions most certainly includes getting healthy, losing weight or being more fit. Personally it took me a while to start regularly practice sport (20 minute walk to and from the shops does not count as workout). There were many unused gym memberships that i continuous kept paying just to make myself feel better. After you committed to a gym, step two is making the effort to get there. At first what got the ball rolling was adding a new to do item – shopping for new (gym) outfits. When you look cute no matter what size you are is going to show. So looking good is the first step into tricking yourself going to the gym. If you are uncertain about your commitment to exercise just get clothes that are comfortable, flattering but also affordable. I found that high street brands like Forever21 does great quantity sorts wear. When it comes to footwear go for high quality well-known brands, believe me they are worth every penny.

With exercise comes thrust and hunger. Drink water before, during and after gym session.Yes they all say it but it is important. Regarding pleasant topics like snacking I would recommend raw nuts, fruit or raw fruit bars. They give you energy, keep you healthy and most of all you fill full. Don’t forget everything in moderation.

Bed of Nails review close up

I came across Bed of Nails via some beauty website. I was hesitant at first since lots of the reviews were extremely positive which immediately made it suspicious. Also during watching some of the promotional videos a women basically claimed that improved majority of mild health conditions – low back pain, shoulder pain, improve posture,boost blood circulation, etc. Willing to try I laid flat on this pink looking mat. It was uncomfortable and a bit painful. The nails are sharp but not piercing sharp. First sensations come after a minute or two. There was a sense of muscle relive. Sometimes i have trouble sleeping but since i start using Bed of Nails my sleeping pattern has improved. I think the science behind this pink mat works and can improve your aches.

This is all i have to report on the fitness front. Soon expect a post about makeup in the gym. Stay fit or at least try more often..