No fake bake smell

No fake bake smell

Since the sun makes more regular appearance the search for affordable yet effective self-tan product increased. Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse comes with bold claims and high expectations. I was not sure of the color range and picked up two colors Light Matte and Medium Matte.

Self- tanning mouse can be a tricky business.This one performed surprisingly well. It comes out as this dirty looking gray/brown foam. I strongly recommend using a tanning mitt to avid darker saints on your hands. To summarize my impression I worked my way down the list of claims and agree/disagree with each one of them.

  • Lightweight velvety mouse – although not very appealing this mouse it is lightweight and easy to blend on skin. The mouse quickly easily turns into (non-runny) liquid consistency that glides on. Because of the darker color of the consistency (it does not translates that strong on the skin) it is very easy see where you apply it.
  • Dries within 2 minutes – it does dry very quickly on the skin and leaves not trace. There is no tacky feeling or any immediate transfer on clothes/ bedding.
  • Natural Looking streak free tan – the lighter shade it does give very natural looking summer glow to pale complexions. You can layer over for higher intensity or go for Medium Matte if you are looking for more instance bronze look. Indeed that are no streaks left, just more gradient intensity of color.
  • No self-tan smell – believe it or not but it is true! There is no biscuit smell, not during not after. There is a nice perfume scent that is very light and almost undetectable.
  • Develops in 1 hour – well actually it develops almost immediately. When you apply it the color is very prominent and you will look darker almost instantly. After about 1 hour bronze color sets.
  • Last up to 7 days – it does last a good 3 days but after that I felt it started fading. For the record I do have quite dry skin which probably effected the performance.

 Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse light review 

Another key things to mention about Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse. The overall results are quite good and self-tan color looks quite natural. The prominent tone is more brown than orange and does appear quite matte on the skin. Even if you are crap at application of self- tan the mouse consistency has made it easier. Around trickier arias like knees, ankles and elbows it did not cling on, and make them significantly darker. Something to keep in mind is packaging. I has a good “click” on the lid but could drip a little at times.Fool proof results, affordable price and no self-tan smell best characterize this amazing Matte Self Tan Mousse.