No more yellow nails

No more yellow nails

As a proper nail addict i picked up a few tips on preventing yellow nails.

First do not buy the cheapest nail polish remover from the drugstore. This most certainly will be the cause of yellow nails, keep that in mind next time you buy one.

Second – invest in quality base coat. Base coats protects and nourishes your nails. Even if you choose to use inexpensive nail polish color your nails will not be affected. That brings me to my second cause of yellow nails – low quality (and price) nail polished. There is nothing wrong with cheap drugstore alternatives but be aware of some undesirable side effects.

Yellow nails loreal Le manicure essie brilliant white

Dealing with yellow nails requires time and persistence. But not anymore. Beauty salons often recommend to give your nails a “rest” for a few weeks (reed months). I complicatedly disagree with such opinions and have the products to prove it. From the drugstore there are a few instant solutions that would visibly improve the appearance of your yellow nails.

ANNY No More Yellow Nude – I bought this by recommendation of the sales lady. Well don’t be fulled like me this is just a very nice sheer pink nail polish. This is not a nail treatment but just a great base that will indeed cover the yellow tones and leave your nails looking natural and in good condition.

Loreal Le Manicure Crystal White – This a good nail treatment that can also be used a base coat. It appears a bit more watery than your regular clear nail polish but still leaves that protective sheen. After three weeks of use (under my colored nail polish) i could see improvement and my nails looking visible less yellow than it used to. I recon if you bare to use this product on it own for a week or so results will be more..complete.

Essie Brilliant Service!– This is magical eraser in a bottle. After this product dried on my nails (literary second) i could see my nails looking one or even two tones less yellow. This is a proper nail treatment that just sinks into your nails and does not leave any clear sheen what so ever. Absolutely brilliant and fuss free. One last thing, if you decide to continue with coloring your nails i would suggest using base coat.

Loreal Le Manicure Miracle repair 7 – This product contain 7 nourishing ingredients that would help repair your damages nails. his product leaves a white sheen over your nails that to some extend mutes yellow tones. I would say that this is more of up keep than a treatment for yellow nails. I can report that after two weeks of use (as a base coat) my nails did appear stringer and tend to chip less.