November beauty trash

November beauty trash

Another month another 10 products I used up. I’m very glad to be doing this since it’s a personal challenge. I have 30 days to try, use and conclude on each product before I move on to the next lot. Some products are never to be seen again on the blog other made it to the repurchase pile. Check which one made the cut.
Body and bath
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub with Sweet lime comes as the name suggests with a refreshing zesty scent. The consistency is quite runny and the fact that I needed to dip and scop the product every time really put me off a little. It is a good scrub but I feel that Soap & Glory has better options. No repurchase.
Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash has very interesting masculine but fruity scent. This little guy is perfect for travelling or for the gym, where I ended up using it anyway. I liked it, considering the scent does not linger for too long. This size also make it a perfect stalking filler which means that I might be purchasing some more minis for the upcoming holidays.
Imperial Leather Foamburst in Rebalancing Green Tea & Jasmine is the type of body wash I’m currently obsessed with. It comes out as a gel that quickly foams up and create smooth soapy lather. It feels so good on the skin and it is not drying. This is definite repurchase for me.

Product empties body moisturiser

Kores Showergel in Jasmine has this incredible scent that lingers for hours. Personally I enjoy using such products since they give me some wired sense of luxury. I absolutely adore Kores Showergels now and already made a repurchase.
Zoella Fizz Bar was somewhat a disappointment. I like the cute packaging and the scent is pretty good too but the minute this product touches the water, its all gone. It melts away pretty quickly, fuzzes for about 10 seconds and have absolutely no other properties. The experience was quite disappointed so no repurchase from me.
This Works Really Rich Firming Lotion is a nice kind of rich body moisturiser that takes a bit of time to fully absorb. After using a generous 50ml of it I’m not convinced that it deserve the splurge so no repurchase from me.

Sai-Sei Body scrub is just amazing but sadly discontinued. I would repurchase in a heartbeat but there seems to be no stock left or come at some ridiculous price.
RIP to my Beautyblender. Let me start by declaring that I will definitely repurchase this miracle product. It was quite sad that I did not let it dry properly and became very moldy and very unusable after that. Key take away here is that after you clean it you need to squeeze all that excess water out and let it dry properly. Lesson learned.

Product empties beautybeander su man

Omorovicza Queen Of Hungry Mist is a great luxury face spray. If you are in a mood a little special treat or just want to splurge on some skin care bits this is the product for you. I really enjoyed this product and will definitely repurchase the full size. It really helps the skin to quickly refresh and tone at the same time. Great product not so great price.
Su-Man Exfoliating Facial Polish is a product that I grew to like it. It has very strong coffee scent and gritty texture that helps exfoliate. I like using this sometimes in the morning just to give me that extra bit of skin radiance. Although I enjoyed using it I’m not convinced that is worth a repurchase. I would gladly use it again if I got it in a set or as a present but will not bother specifically purchasing it on its own.

That’s all for now, next I have to go deal with the sticky stains that all this products left from storage on my bathroom floor. Till next month’s garbage.