I found the most unique dark and provocative unisex fragrance

I found the most unique dark and provocative unisex fragrance

Perfumes are fragrant liquids that react on skin contact. Some scents linger for an eternity other wash away in the space of one hour. It all depends on the ingredients which sadly correlate with the price tag. I like to invest in my fragrances simply because of that old-fashioned romantic idea of having a unique signature scent. Seasonal fragrances are really not my cup of tea and often I tend to stick to day time and evening appropriate skin scent at most. Unisex fragrances are not something to naturally gravitate towards which I guess makes me look a bit selfish. Nevertheless, Odin Auriel completely rocked my world with its unique masculine notes and floral undertones. Currently, both me and my husband are sharing this black pearl of a perfume and here is how we got on with it.

End of last year New York-based clothing retailer Odin New York launched 00 Auriel as part of their Black Line. I came across Odin fragrances in Paris and was blown away by the depth and intensity of each scent. From their range, most Odin perfumes come with a degree of opulence so if you are looking for a light and airy floral scent stop reading now.

Top notes: Cassis Berries, Coriander, Black Pepper
Middle notes: Rose, Absolute Jasmine, Sambac Muguet
Bottom notes: Agarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Labdanum

Odin New York 00 Auriel review

At first, Odin Auriel comes across as very masculine, sultry and sexy scent that command the room. The intensity of this fragrance really fills in the room and the space around the person wearing it without being overpowering or heavy. Once on the skin the scent slowly develops and by the end of the day, it slowly settles and becomes more feminine. I love the dimension of the notes and the character they portray. To me, I associate the man behind this scent as sharp, put together and a bit mysterious. On another hand the type of women that wears it dress very feminine, conservative but sexy and she is daring. This fragrance develops differently on man and women. On me and my skin, the overpowering notes develop differently than on my husband. Often people think that we are wearing similar perfume scents that complement each other rather than use one unisex fragrance. Odin New York 00 Auriel is about £145 for 100ml which is an investment but the quality of this fragrance really matches and exceeds expectations.