One minute cleansing routine

One minute cleansing routine

I do not own any electric beauty devices so naturally I felt the need to fill that void with something pink and vibrating. Before you start getting any ideas, I’m talking about Foreo Luna Mini , which essentially is long lasting electric facial cleansing brush. This device is often compared to Clarisonic but essentially i think they have very little in common. One thing is certain – Luna works best for sensitive and prone to redness skin types.

As a proud member of that skin type demographic I purchased the mini version of this device. My face aria is not particularly wide or large so this mini size seemed like a better (and cheaper) option for me personally. There are a few benefits of this device worth mentioning – battery life last for very long time (brand claims mention to 300 uses), there are no replaceable parts, it is compact, light, waterproof and easy to clean. There are two vibration settings and after about one minute the device’s bottom light start flashing, which indicates the end of the recommended use cycle. Luna Mini also comes with two sizes of rubber nobs in small and medium.

Foreo Luna Mini review first impressions

Foreo Luna Mini how to use electric facial cleansing brush

My initial impressions were based on the overl feel of the product. It is easy to hold and works well getting into tricky arias such as around the chin and nose. I found that the high vibration setting is a bit too much to handle for my face muscles, which is why i only use this setting around my nose and chin. On the lower pulsating setting I start with massaging in my cleanser of choice, frist on my cheeks, forehead and then moving to nose and chin. Every 15 seconds the device paused for a second, indicating that i need to move to the next aria of face. I tried to work with few different type of cleaners (oil, foam, cream) and I found that it works best with creamy consistencies. After a month of trail I also use Luna with night oils and face masks, to help products absorb into my skin and it works great. In terms of frequency of use I normally use Luna about two-three times a week.

Foreo Luna Mini costs £99, comes with USB charger and 2 year warranty. It is a great device that after a month of religious use did not cause any redness or irritation, really helped with cleansing my pores and keep black spots at bay. Sensitive skins can benefit far more from this product since there is no scratching and harsh exfoliation of the skin compared to a device using nylon bristles.