Only Fingers and Toes at home treatments

Only Fingers and Toes at home treatments

I love doing my nails and all the wonderful and colorful things I can do to them to cheer my everyday mood. Recently  I realized that this quick fix has caused the condition of my nails deteriorate, as a result of which my nails turned yellow, they chipped and peeled far more regularly.  A while back I did a blog post oh how to get rid of  yellow nails but there far more other nail concerns I worth addressing. Only Fingers and Toes covers quite a wide range of nail treatments, perfect to incorporate into any at-home nail care routine. 

Only Fingers and Toes (OFAT) is a brand of nail products I’ve seen in some luxury shops and salons. I was really impressed by their selection of nail serums, nail brightening solutions, nail hardeners which made me pick up few of their products. The names of the products and their similarity to skin care ranges (masques, serums and cc base) made my selection much easier.  Looking for a product to nourish and strengthen my nails I opted to try more than one product.

Only Fingers and Toes CC Base serum masque review

To tackle my slow nail growth I went for  OFAT Masque (£14). It contains keratin to help stimulate nail growth, also hydrate and nourish weak nails. Instructions called to apply twice a week as a base coat. Despite the gooey looking consistency in the bottle,  on the nails this it appears as a clear coat that dries quite quickly. Sometimes I will apply it in the evening and leave it overnight, other times I just layered under a base coat. Eighter way it works and  it did not affect the look or longevity of my nail polish. After few weeks of regular use I did see some positive improvement, my nails felt a bit stronger and healthier. Another product from the range that contributed to strengthening my nails was OFAT Serum £16. Directions for use called for massaging it into your nail bed until the product is fully absorbed. The process is quite quick and there is no greasy residue left after use.

Only Fingers and Toes CC Base review

My nails tend to go yellow every couple of months. Willing to try something new I also picked up OFAT CC Base (£14). It’s a clear coat nail polish with distinct blue hue to it. The effect on the nails is almost instant since blue tones tend to conceal yellow tones. Something to consider is that if you apply an opaque nail color over it the blue tones from underneath  tend to show.  Perhaps it’s best to use this product only on its own.