Opulent Nude eyes

Opulent Nude eyes

I could not help but notice that the quality of drugstore eye shadows has really improved, keeping me away from luxury makeup counters for a while now. In my latest weekly browse around the drugstore makeup aisles I spotted few new Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kits additions. This Smokey Eye Kit is a multipurpose 2 in 1 nude color palette that cover both eyes are brows.

01 Opulent Nude comes with four eye shadows and one of which can also double up as a brow shade.  To the best of my ability i can describe the colors as follow: a natural light nude (matte),brown/gray taupe (matte), sparkly mauve pink and dark chocolate brown (matte). The matte shades (except chocolate brown) have fine silver sparkle bits blended in, which is almost undetectable on the eyelids but still add a bit more dimension on otherwise ordinary nudes.

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit 01 opulent nudes swatches

After a few hours of wear there was a bit of fallout of glitters, but personally i kind of expected it. The quality of these eye shadows is quite good since they are quite pigmented and feel super buttery and silky soft. All three shades are very wearable and layered together give really settle every day look. The matte dark brown eyebrow shade that also come in this palette is probably a bit too dark for my liking, but I can certainty get away with it if there are no other choices. Overall I really like how fuss free and convenient this eye palette is since it comes with clear lid, so you can see the colors. The selection of colors is quite good for creating easy and quick every day no-makeup-makeup-look. Also there is absolutely no need to involve any make up brushes, results will be as equally good, trust me I tried (more than few times now..).

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit review 01 opulent nudes swatches

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kits come in six different shades ranging from staple gold and lilac tones to more adventurous taupe and navy blue palettes. The eyebrow shade that comes in every palette is the same except in Luxe Lilacs where it is replaced with a shade lighter (already on my shopping list). This range new eye shadow kit range from Max Factor is definitely worth checking out and experiencing the amazing quality of this eye shadows.