There is proof that mask primers are not a gimmick

There is proof that mask primers are not a gimmick

Like any beauty enthusiast I constantly look for new and improved products and methods that can help the skin absorb all the luscious combinations of ingredients. Mask primers are definitely a new range of products to experience and most importantly conclude if they really work or it’s just another placebo product designed to lure customers to beauty counters. Determinate to undercover the truth I tried and tested the latest Origins Maskimizer effects.

Origins Maskimizer Skin-optimizing Mask Primer is designed to be used in combination with any mask currently in your cupboards. To properly test this product I decided to test it together with Clarins Hydraquench Cream Mask that targets skin re-hydratation. I’ve used this mask many times, which was vital to determine if this mask primer will actually make a difference. To apply I just sprits few times directly onto my face and then followed with my hydrating mask. After use I carefully examined my skin and did see slightly better results than normal. To confirm my suspicions I also paired this mask primer with some of my heavy duty clay masks, which normally leave my skin feeling very dry after use. After the clay mask my skin was looking less congested and much clear but once again I did experience the usual tight and uncomfortable feeling skin. This mask primer definitely helped with smoother and less dragging application of ticker consistency masks. After a few tests with different type of masks I can certainly conclude that Origins Maskimizer does intensify the effect of any mask you pair it with. This is definitely a nice to have product but by no means is a must-have essential.

Origins Maskimizer Skin-optimizing Mask Primer review effects ingredients

Origins Maskimizer Skin-optimizing Mask Primer retails for £18.50. Currently there is ongoing offer at Debahams and Boots where you can paired with any Origins mask for the total cost of £30, making this mask primer about 7 which is very much worth it.

  • I have never even heard of a mask primer. But it sounds very promising. Origins is the way to go. :]

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    • Eli

      If you are not fully convinced it is still on offer in Debahams and Boots. It is a nice product that works but just not a nessesity.