PDS: Chantecaille Glacier eye shade trio

PDS: Chantecaille Glacier eye shade trio

In this edition of Pay day Splurge (PDS) a unique proposition of eye shadow palette made the cut. Chantecaille Glacier Eye Shade Trio has settle looks and great design. Although all tree shades are very natural and earthy colors they do tend to pack a punch. This trio consist of pearly white highlighter, a matte taupe and shimmery gray/brown color.

There are a few things that make this eye palette somewhat special. For example the pearly white shade also called Iceberg contains brown seaweed extract to help the skin on the eyelid maintain firmness and elasticity. Going more in depth, this eye shadow trio is perfect for achieving the perfect every day, very natural makeup look. The colors are very wearable and can accentuate any eye color. The silver spray on tint goes away almost instantly and does not mix up with the actual colors. In terms of pigmentation the colors are very buildable, translating from sheer to intense after layering. The eye shadows are very buttery and easy to blend. They last quite long time and there are no fallouts.

 Chantecaille Glacier Eye Shade Trio Chantecaille Glacier Eye Shade Trio swatches 

If you are on the lookout for natural almost nude eye shadows  look this way. This palette is also great for creating a “no make up” make up look. The packaging is sleek and lightweight and the makeup brush that comes with it is quite good too. The three eye shadows are attached to the palette on magnets, making this case re-usable. Buying pan eye shadows works out always cheaper so one can even conclude that this is almost an investment piece. In case you are more into a slight more versatile palates Chanel Obres Tisse Mademoiselle is another great and slight more affordable option.

And don’t forget that buying Chantecaille Glacier Eye Shade Trio also counts as doing something meaningful for others. 5% of the price goes to the National Resources Defense Council to support their cause.