Pink clay benefits and face masks for scentitive skin

Pink clay benefits and face masks for scentitive skin

There are many different types of clays used in face masks or treatments, all great for targeting congested arias. Since clay is more of an active ingredient, picking the right brand and type of clay is quite fundamental. For my sensitive skin that is also prone to redness, pink clay masks tend to be the best and safest choice. The pink clay benefits are no different from any other clay mask (softens and cleans congested arias, helps with oil control, tighten pores and plump the skin) with the only difference of pink clay being less harsh on the skin. I’ve tried many pink clay masks in the past but these two are my favorite, each for very different reason.

Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay (£23) is kind of intense face mask that does two jobs at once. The main ingredient which is pink clay really helps tighten pores and helps with oil control. The consistency is of a tick paste mixed up with some gritty exfoliating bits. After about ten minutes on the skin it tends to hardens and dry out. I find it easy to remove with water, damping my fingers and gently massaging it on the skin. The gritty particles tend to be quite useful to scrub away any black heads or congested arias. After use I find my skin looking slightly tighter and firmer. Large pores seems to shirk and be less visible too. Since my skin is on the dry side I do need to follow with a serum or some type of moisturizer. This is a great face mask to use at night after cleansing and in combination with heavy duty night cream. It really gives that extra bit of glow and I do believe helps my night cream perform a bit better than usual.

Pink clay mask benefits Charlotte Tilbury Origins

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask (£45) might look the same but it is quite different (check full review including details on consistency and effects). This is the type of mask I normally use before I apply my makeup. This product really manages to smoothen my skin and almost works as a primer. I also find that the effects (thought the day) last for longer. It does come in a smaller tube and looks (consistency and ingredients) quite close to the above mention competitor but in some magical way it does tend to perform a bit better.

Depending on your preference of use (morning or evening) and price these are excellent pink clay alternatives. In case you are looking into clay masks I’ve tested several other alternatives in the aria comparing green clay vs.regular clay.