Pink clay mask benefits by Charlotte Tilbury

Pink clay mask benefits by Charlotte Tilbury

There are a few brands that I trust unconditionally and Charlotte Tilbury is one of them. Recently she released a few new skincare products one of which was Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask. Apart from the gorgeous rose packaging, this pink clay mask benefits claim to deliver smooth and flawless complexion in just a few minutes. Under the description there are laud words such as “miracle”, “healed skin” and “wonder workout”, which sound somewhat reassuring.

My experience with clay masks is not particularly positive due to my highly sensitive, normal to dry and prone to redness skin type. This pink clay mask dares to differ and since it is the first to try of its kind my hopes were up. I could not help but notice that this mask is made from Spanish Clay, which tends to be more nourishing and hydrating type of clay in comparison to vastly used Mediterranean clay (more drying and less refined). The jasmine scent of this face mask is also grately improved for this category of produts. Consistency is no different from any clay mask out there – a creamy tick paste that is best applied on damp skin. Normally I apply thick layer all over my face (avoiding the eye aria) and even farther down my neck.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask review consistency

After the recommended 10 minutes plus another 15 more minutes fussing around the house I finally decided to remove the tick consistency that did not actually hardened that much. To remove I splash some water on face and took off the remaining product with a wash cloth. After use I was amazed of how great my skin felt. There was no dry or tight feeling that comes after using regular clay masks. Skin felt super soft, congestion around my nose and chin far less visible and pores looked tightened and less visible too. My face looked plumed and radiant just as promised which I was truly surprised that could happen after only one use.

Just to make sure I am not a “special case” I decided to put this product to the test. Prime subject of this experiment was my husband and his oily skin. Results were equally as good and he even asks for it every so often.

In retrospect this “magic” does not come cheap (£45) but still it is not something crazy mush like Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask (£95). It does pretty much the same job if not much better. Something quite unique about Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask is that it does not do only one thing (plums or hydrate or tighten pores etc.) but cover all grounds. Love it!